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    When you visit this website, you may be asked to provide certain personal details such as your name, email address or phone number. This information allows us to provide you with products and services as well as improve our business to better serve your needs. This information is voluntary and should you have any concerns over providing these details, please do not submit the information.

    We may also, from time to time, collect non-personal information such as your IP address, browser or domain. This information is used to improve the content and functionality of this website.

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    We have and may develop in the future, business relationships with "Affiliate Members". In order to better serve your needs, and provide you with the products you require, we may allow these Affiliate Members access to your information. If you do not wish to be contacted by Affiliate Members, please let us know.

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    Please note that Oz Cactus Juice is not responsible for third party cookies. 

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    From time to time, third party vendors may show Oz Cactus Juice ads on sites across the internet, based on an individual's previous visit to this website. You can opt out of such advertising at any time by visiting Google's Ads settings. 

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    In order to provide you with quality products and services, Oz Cactus Juice may provide links to third party websites. Any information you provide these websites will be governed by their individual privacy policies and we encourage you to investigate these policies before submitting information.

    Oz Cactus Juice has no liability or reponsiblity for these sites but should you have any feedback in relation to any of these sites, we welcome you to contact us.

  7. Security

    Oz Cactus Juice has implemented a number of security measures to ensure your information is safe. This information is stored on secure servers. Whilst we strive to maintain the safety of your information, we cannot guarantee that information passed through the internet will be 100% secure.

  8. Modifications to This Policy

    Oz Cactus Juice reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy and any such changes will be effective immediately and without notice. Please review this policy periodically to ensure you are familiar with the most current version. By using the website, you agree to any changes made.

  9. Questions or Comments Regarding this Policy

    If you have questions or concerns about this policy, please call Oz Cactus Juice on (08) 8463 1171.

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